Professional Development, Short-term Courses and Internship

Professional development through continuing education is a proven tool for keeping your skills up-to-date and achieving your professional goals in a constantly changing world.

Riga Technical University (RTU) with its long standing traditions in providing continuing education, practical placement, internship, exchange programmes and summer schools within mutual agreements between countries, universities and companies designed the on-going professional development programmes for academic, administrative personnel and students from various regions. For more than ten years Riga Technical University has offered programmes to our partner institutions in France, India, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Russia just to mention a few.

Due to flexible duration of courses, customized programmes,   range of subjects offered, interactive classes as well as on-going and further support from the qualified teaching staff of Riga Technical University and leading experts from the industry the Professional Development Courses are developed according to the best training practices of European universities and are:


Offers interactive classes and training in RTU campus and leading companies of the area, training on your location, or distance learning approach.


Develops custom-made agenda for the studying, training and practicing.


Content of the training is demand driven and meets the needs of the scholars working or studying in a rapidly changing environment.


Training and studies are provided by RTU academic staff and leading experts within the industry.


Affordable fees, scholarships and moderate living costs.

Riga Technical University Foundation Course Unit offers continuing education, practical placement, internship and exchange programmes  for organizations, universities and companies in a wide range of fields:

  • Economics
  • Mechanics
  • Logistics
  • Power Engineering
  • Real Estate Management

  • International Economic Relations
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport (aviation, railway)
  • Robotics
  • Civil Engineering
  • IT and Computer Systems
  • Linguistics
  • Environmental Science
  • Material Science
  • English Language
  • Finance


From 10 days up to 1 year  (the length of the courses depends on individual needs of every scholar and/or organization).


Depends on the amount of academic hours and study duration. The calculation is made individually upon request, e.g. 3 week programme for the group of 7-10 scholars costs EUR 500/per person (accommodation and living expenses are not included).


Upon request (~200 EUR per month).


For groups starting from 7-10 participants

Break the language barriers and build the better world by uniting the IDEAS, EXPERTISE and LEADING PRACTICES of the area and by contacting the RTU Head of Foreign Students Foundation and Short-Term Course Unit Mrs Natalja Muracova at