The Chinese Cultural Experience at Riga Technical University Chinese Corner

On November 30th, 2018, the Chinese Painting cultural experience class was held in Riga Technical University Chinese Corner.

During the cultural experience class, Chinese volunteer teacher Tang Yunxin introduced the Chinese painting to the students of Riga State High School Nr.3 in terms of origin & development, classification, characteristic, famous painters & paintings, tools etc. The students also appreciated the vivid video of “The Vast Land” and “Along the River during the Tomb Sweeping Festival”. They were amazed by the beauty of the paintings. Students also learned some Chinese vocabulary related to Chinese painting. The students who never learned any Chinese language before showed great interest in the study of Chinese language.

After the theoretical part the teacher led everyone to practice “Blowing Plum Blossoms”. Every student actively did it and enjoyed the moment. When paintings were finished, the students were satisfied with their works. In the end of the class everyone took a group photo with their own works.

This cultural experience not only helped the students to know Chinese painting, but also lighted up their enthusiasm to learn Chinese language and Chinese culture.

On December 14th, 2018, the Chinese Food cultural experience was successfully held in Riga Technical University Chinese Corner.

Chinese volunteer teacher Tang Yunxin introduced to the students of Riga State Gymnasium No. 3 and Chinese language learners of RTU Chinese eating habits and views on food, and then introduced the eight regional cuisines, table manners, culture of using chopsticks, and hot pot culture, which helped the students to know more about colorful Chinese food culture. Students also learned some Chinese vocabularies related to Chinese Food and showed great interest in the study of Chinese.
In addition, interesting chopstick games and delicious hot pot meals were prepared on site. The students were actively participating in the chopstick game while the laughter was continuing. After the game everyone got together to taste the aromatic Chinese hot pot. The students were full of praise for this Chinese taste and gave their thumbs up. In the end everyone took a group photo together.

This Chinese food culture experience not only helped students to know Chinese food, but also made them impressed by the taste of hot pot. Although the weather in December was cold, the steaming and delicious hot pot brought a lot of warmth to everyone.



The Lovely Panda & Fun With Paper-Cut Cultural Lecture

On October 26, 2018, Riga Technical University Chinese Corner hosted the Lovely Panda & Fun with Paper-cut cultural lecture for Riga State 3rd Gymnasium high schoolers and RTU students of Chinese language. During the cultural lecture, Chinese volunteer teacher Tang Yunxin introduced to the students the Chinese national treasure – panda – in terms of […]

MEGA meeting in the Republic of South Africa

The International Projects Unit (IPU) of the International Cooperation and Foreign Students Department, Riga Technical University, is involved in numerous international initiatives, which aim to raise capacity within the field of higher education and promote exchange of best practices between program and partner countries. One of these initiatives is called MEGA – a project that […]

The Scholarships of The Erasmus+ Programme

The new application period for the scholarships of the Erasmus+ programme is open.

Apply for the Erasmus+ scholarship and enjoy a study or a traineeship period in Europe.

Application deadlines for submitting online application at

  • 25 September 2018 (for studies in spring semester 2019/2020);
  • 31 October 2018 (for traineeships).

Prerequisites for Candidates – Erasmus+ programme is available for all RTU students from all specializations and levels of higher education. To apply for Erasmus+ scholarship, a student has to be registered at least as the 3rd semester student at Bachelor level or the 2nd semester student at Master level. The student must have adequate grades (weighted average grade cannot be lower than 6.0), no academic or financial debts, good knowledge of English, German or another language of the EU Member States, and a well-defined objective for participating in a mobility.

To get more information about Erasmus+ programme and to know tips and tricks for successful application and Erasmus mobility, join our informational events in September. For further information visit – “Study mobility”, “Traineeship mobility, “Erasmus+ partner universities”. Read the provided information!

In case of additional questions, contact Ms Inga Riharda via, +37167089067, +37125739079 (also WhatsApp) or visit us in Kalku 1-302.

Summer School “Robotics. Real-Life Applications of Intelligent Design”

From July 2 to 27, 2018, Riga Technical University (RTU) Foreign Students Foundation and Short-Term Courses Unit organized its 3rd  international summer camp “Robotics. Real-Life Applications of Intelligent Design “, where 27 students from 10 countries – Australia, USA, Mexico, Kazakhstan, China, Moldova, India, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and France – perfects practical and theoretical knowledge in robotics, 3D modeling, artificial intelligence and other areas related to the industry. The aim of the summer school is not only to provide international students with high-quality knowledge from RTU faculty members and industry representatives who provide with the necessary theoretical and practical information in developing a functioning robot, but also – to promote a deeper understanding of the Latvian language, culture, history and education. Incorporated activities related to the Latvian language and culture in the summer school program, its organizers hope to enhance the recognition of Latvia abroad and to promote co-operation between RTU and higher education institutions in engineering fields. In this context, the organizers of the summer school – the RTU Foreign Students Foundation and Short-Term Course Unit – are grateful to the State Education Development Agency for the financial support provided to 10 students from 7 countries  The Robo Camp Summer School students used the possibilities offered by the RTU Design Factory Laboratory “the LAB” and the “Latvenergo” Creative Laboratory – 3D printing, laser cutting, soldering, etc. Moreover, the summer school organizers want to express gratitude to the RTU Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology and robot development company “RobotNest” for providing intellectual and technical support. Besides all the activities and practical classes organized students were introduced to Latvian companies representing information technology, mechanics, mechatronics and electronics during the summer school. Robo Camp hosts such companies as HansaMatrix, Mass Portal, Giraffe 360 ​​and SAF Tehnika.

Summer School “Cultural Shock and Social Innovations”

This summer from July 9 to 23, 2018, the Riga Technical University (RTU) organized the summer school “Cultural shock and social innovations”, the scientific program was developed especially for 30 students from the RTU partner higher education institution in France – the EPITA (Computer Science Academy). In organizing this Summer School, its organizers – RTU Foreign Students Foundation and Short-Term Courses Unit – upon request of the partner institution, adapted the scientific content of the event to the study profile of the participants. Namely, students were invited, using their computer literacy skills, to develop projects in areas such as cultural change, urban social ecosystems, sustainable and social entrepreneurship. At the same time as lectures and IT-related companies such as Draugiem Group and DATI Grupa, students were offered several discussion evenings where they discussed with their RTU representatives the ideas of their projects and issues related to their development. At the end of the summer school, students from France successfully defended their projects under the guidance of an international commission composed of representatives from RTU and its partner universities – Kyungpook National University in Korea, Tirana Polytechnic University of Tirana in Albania and the University of Kadi Ayyad University) in Morocco.


Summer School “International Relations and Globalization”

This year from July 9 to 23, 2018, 33 participants from Russia have visited Riga Technical University (RTU), with the aim of supplementing their knowledge in English and Spanish, social innovation, intercultural communication and international relations. The summer school for Russian students is organized for the fifth time, and this year they had an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the activities of various Latvian states and local governmental institutions. For example, participants visited the Riga City Council, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia, and the Riga Freeport Authority. The summer school participats apart from attending various events related to Latvian language, culture and history organized by International Students Foundation and Short-Term Programme Unit, also participated in the international football tournament, thus forming international contacts with other RTU summer school participants from France, Australia, Ukraine, Moldova, Meksikas, US etc.

Annual Foreign Students Trip Around Latvia

RTU International Cooperation and Foreign Students department promotes foreign students interest about Latvian culture and traditions by organizing trips around Latvia. This year students had a chance to get acquainted with ancient bread baking traditions, taste some bread and bake sweet pretzels at the bakery “Lāči”, visit Jaunmoku castle and have some entertaining activities there as well as enjoy the beauty of blooming rhododendrons at the experimental breeding nursery „Babīte”. Looking forward to another trip next year!




Parliament delegation from Egypt visits Kipsala campus and meets RTU administration and Egyptian students

On 9 May 2018, RTU Deputy Rector of International Academic Cooperation and Studies, prof. Igors Tipans, welcomed a delegation of the Egypt-Latvia parliamentary friendship group from the Parliament of Egypt, Ambassador of Latvia to Egypt, Iveta Šulca, and the non-resident Ambassador of Egypt to Latvia, Alaa Hegazy. The delegation was introduced to RTU and its activities related to cooperation with higher education institutions in Egypt, as well as had the opportunity to meet with Egyptian full time and exchange students at RTU.


Japanese movie evening at International Cooperation Center of RTU

On April 19 RTU International Cooperation and Foreign Students department in cooperation with the the Embassy of Japan in Latvia organised a Japanese movie evening with a purpose to promote study possibilities in Japan and deliver an in-depth information regarding scholarships (for implementing both studies and research) provided by the Government of Japan. In addition the insight of current cooperation between RTU and the universities in Japan  was provided by the professor Mr Igors Tipans -Director of International Cooperation and Foreign Students Department. The event was attended by Latvian, Japanese and other foreign students of RTU.