English Language Courses

Riga Technical University with its more than 25 years of outstanding experience in providing engineering study programmes taught fully in English, in teaching English for Specific Purposes and in assessing English knowledge of scholars, students and academics offers various types of English Language Courses.

To satisfy a wide range of demand of schools, colleges, universities and industry Riga Technical University is offering three English Language course programmes for students, academic and administrative staff of organizations according to their knowledge and learning objectives:

Intensive English Course
The course is designed to improve the English language learners’ communication level so they can use it for everyday life, work or study. During this course scholars increase their English fluency and accuracy in spoken skills.

Key features:

•Improve your all-round English language ability and develop your fluency and communication.
•Practise the English language through discussions, debates and conversation activities, such as role-play and pair-work.
•Focus is on the individual needs and on those who want to make fast progress and become more confident in speaking.

English for Specific Purpose
The Course is designed for scholars to become confident and open to all new aspects in their academic career and/or working. Scholars will develop their skills in English in various fields (just to mention a few Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Power, Mechanics, Logistics etc).

Key features:

•Develop the English language skills to reflect their knowledge and skills of the subject matter.
•Increase terminology basis on the subject matter.
•Exciting range of activities from discussions of current issues and subject-matter through to the project work on the subject.

General English Course
The course is developed to increase scholars’ basic knowledge of English, improve their understanding of grammar, improve and encourage their communication ability so they can use English more confidently in their day-to day work, studies and communication.

Key features:

•Practical communication to build up vocabulary and develop fluency and confidence.
•Covers speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, naturally including grammar.
•Helps gaining the confidence and skills you need to communicate in the day-to-day work.


Throughout the year (for groups – upon request)


From 1 week up to 1 year


Depends on a period of study (General English 16 week course ~EUR 1200)

Group size:

Up to 12

Entry requirement:

A1, B1 European level


Personal expenses:

180 EUR /month

250 EUR/month

Throughout the year (for groups – upon request)
Duration From 1 week up to 1 year
Cost Depends on a period of study (General English 16 week course ~EUR 1200)
Group size Up to 12
Entry requirement A2, B1 European level
Accommodation 180 EUR /month
Personal expenses250 EUR/month

*We can also deliver custom-made language training courses at your premises or in your location. The highly qualified teachers design high-impact language training programmes targeting your specific needs and deliver them according to your schedule.

Send your request for information and registration to RTU Foundation Course Unit at natalja.muracova@rtu.lv