General English Foundation Semester

The GENERAL ENGLISH FOUNDATION SEMESTER (FS) has been designed for students, who intend to improve English proficiency and continue studies in the study programmes offered by Riga Technical University or any other EU universities. The Foundation programme entry requirements are as follows:

Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)IELTS AcademicTOEFL iBT/PBT
A1, A24.556/477


  • The purpose of this chart is intended only to provide minimum results to enter FS. This chart is not to be quoted or used for official English language proficiency test score comparison purposes.
  • Prospective students should note that full educational background will be taken into consideration for admission purposes.

Eligibility for admission 
  • Online application ;
  • A document stating student’s English proficiency qualification or Skype video-interview  results from the RTU Admission team or Foundation Course Unit team.
  • Application fee of 165$ paid into the RTU account.

The program has been designed to improve English proficiency  level to provide a realistic environment within which students can develop the skills to start and manage the study process in the degree programmes effectively.

Programme Costs and Deadlines

Programme Cost is 1850 USD/ per semester (12 weeks)

Deadline for Spring semester  – 15 February

Deadline for Fall semester  – 15 July

Additional /Optional Subjects

SubjectsNumber of Credit Points (ECTS)
Latvian Language (optional) for extra charge 3 CP (4.5 ECTS)
History and Culture of Latvia (optional) for extra charge 2 CP (3 ECTS)
  • For any questions regarding admission into RTU Foundation Semester, contact Head of Foundation Course Unit Ms Natalja Muracova: 
  • Accommodation, travel and living expenses, health insurance are covered by an applicant.